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The Family

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Richmond Marathon Race Report

It has been just about 3 weeks since I ran the Richmond Marathon so I figured I would do a race report and then I thought that would take a lot of time. So I was lucky to get an email forwarded to me from Darrell (who also ran the marathon) the other day. The email was an email from his sister-in-law giving her play by play thoughts on the race. I thought the email was funny and a much better race report than I could ever give so here is the email/race report:

7:50 Did you sleep at all last night? Did you get a blessing? Are you nervous? Your dream is just minutes away.

8:20 I wonder if your knee is hurting at all yet? Remember, NO REGRETS.

8:45 I'm worried that the tracker isn't going to work for me. Looks like I can't see any results until 10k. You can do this Darrell! I'm your 2nd biggest cheerleader.

8:58 Are you staring at your watch at each water station? It's OK to walk the length of the water station if you start feeling rough. Are you drinking enough? Do you have any cliff bars or gels with you? You are probably 1/3 of the way by now. I'm so proud of you, in so many ways. Thank you for taking care of your body so you can be a better father and husband. I know I've said it before, but let remind you that you are my favorite brother in law.

9:35 Holy Cow Darrell you're doing awesome. 54:57 for the first 10k. How is your knee? I'm saying a prayer that you will be able to withstand any discomfort. GO DARRELL GO !!! Ryan's time was 54:40. I call Nobs and she hadn't gotten a text so I'll be calling her at the half way point to let you know how you're doing. Lot's a noise in that hotel room.

9:47 The suns getting hotter. I hope you didn't dress too heavy. Think positive thoughts. Like . . . there's no more Welfare Meetings, no more Activities Committee's, no more RS Enrichment Music calling and lots of other changes to the handbook. Excellent training except the barfable "mock Ward Council Mtg". Honestly I could have strangled the woman depicting the RS President. You are my hero and I can't wait for every natty detail at Fairy Stone. I have GOT to take a shower.

10:00 YIPPEE You're halfway and your time is 1:55:46. Keep your eye on the prize bro!!! You're doing awesome. The hotel gang is cheering and calculating and strategizing for you. They are sending you subliminal messages about your pace. My personal advice is . . . breath in, breath out, and think about chocolate, a long nap, a hot oil massage, or anything else that will help you get to the finish line.

10:23 Two Saturdays in a row of getting absolutely squat done while being glued to race trackers. The house is dirty, the cupboards are bare, there are no clean towels, and everyone has an attitude but hey, I'm supporting some of the most important men in my life and having a darned good time doing it. I will have to get going soon after your race. The 3 missionary sisters, a new convert, and investigator, and M and D are coming to dinner tomorrow and I don't think grilled cheese will cut it. Thanks for providing a lazy Saturday morning for me.

10:35 Out of the shower. No news. Back to brush my teeth.

11:00 Awesome. You're 20 miles in 3:00:01. Your knee's gotta be screaming. Looks like you and Ryan have split up. Nobs and the kiddos's are trying to find the finish line. They just realized they're heading in the wrong direction. Is anyone surprised??? NO. I want to know exactly how it feels to cross the finish line and find your family there to greet you.

11:32 3 of 4 teenagers have arisen and eaten scrambled egg sandwiches and juice. The remaining sloth will have to eat a cinnamon bun. In 30 minutes you'll be flying high. Your adrenaline will carry you for hours. NO REGRETS !!!

11:48 I'm glued to the screen. If you don't finish soon I will definitely be serving PBJ for dinner tomorrow.

12:05 Now I'm nervous. I don't know what a "chip time" is.

(Here is Darrell finishing the race)

(Here I am finishing the race)

12:08 4:04:26. Incredible. I'm so proud of you. Enjoy your victory. Ryan's time was 4:12:08.

Well I have caught the bug so I plan on signing up for another marathon hopefully before the end of the year (also see my post just before this post)

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