The Family

The Family

Friday, November 20, 2009

Sweet Halloween there Matey

This Halloween the kid’s costumes where somewhat homemade with the girls being sweet witches this year and Max being a pirate, which he was really really good at. Dacy was able to find the girls matching shirts and then made their skirts from fabric. Max’s costume was made using some pants that were too short already and using a shirt from his dress up box. The kids had fun and were ready to get lots of candy. On Wednesday night we went to our church’s trunk or treat and filled up the bags there and then Halloween night we went to my mom’s neighborhood and made off with a good amount of candy. As usually the kids were done walking by about the sixth house and the fact that a little rain was falling did not help the problem.

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Allison D said...

Ha! What a cute crew. Glad it was a successful Halloween for the Ayres clan.