The Family

The Family

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Let them Eat Cake

Dacy has many many talents and she is finding more talents every year. One of those new talents she discovered at the beginning of November is decorating wedding cakes. There was a couple in our ward at church who were getting married and had asked another lady at church who was not going to be able to do the cake for them, so this lady asked Dacy if she would be willing. Dacy has a small problem of saying no, so Dacy had about 2 weeks to get ready. The week of the wedding was crazy with cakes and frosting all over the house.
The worst part of this is the fact that I was getting ready for a half marathon the weekend after the wedding so I was trying to eat good, but with a large bowl of frosting sitting on the kitchen counter I had more than my share of frosting. The cake turned out beautiful and I am very proud of my wife. She as many amazing talents that I could only dream of doing which you can see at her blog Dacy Did It.

Since I am talking about cake I thought I would share one of my favorite routines from Bill Cosby about chocolate cake for breakfast.

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