The Family

The Family

Friday, October 22, 2010

Running family

Well in the past 3 years our family has started to run more and more. In the town of Lynchburg we have the Virginia 10 miler, which has a four mile race and then a kid’s one mile race with it. In the past the kid’s race has been during the 10 mile so neither Dacy nor I could watch the kids. This year they moved the kids’ race to Friday night so Quin and Max were able to complete. Quin did a great job considering she fell at the beginning and was the very very last one to start the run. She passed several kids in the end and her time was 14:36. Max did a great job. He just seemed to be having a fun time and his time was 9:48 and he finished 7 overall in his age group (5 and under) and was the 4th boy in his age group. The past two years I have run the 10 miler while Dacy has run the 4 mile race. This year Dacy decided to run the 10 miler. She did an amazing job. I am training for the Richmond Marathon so I ran with her and used the run has part of my training. We used the run-walk-run method (run 1 mile, walk 30 sec) She did great until the last hill which is a 1.5 mile long hill, and it is the last 1.5 miles of the race. I will quote the winner of the race “It was very hilly course.” We finished the race in 1:42:00 which is 3 mins faster than Dacy’s goal time.
The kids after their races with their metals

The start of the race

I took pictures of Dacy every mile but the best picture which shows how hard the last 1 1/2 miles is, is the picture I took of her at mile 9

See what I mean. She may kill me for showing this picture.
Some breast cancer club was handing out the pink gloves
which is the reason Dacy has a pair.

After the race, standing in the line for free food

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