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The Family

Friday, February 27, 2009

Eating junk good during Biggest Loser

I ask a simple question: Why does watching weight loss reality shows on TV make me want to eat?
I find it funny that I have seen so many people talk about how they are eating ice cream, eating cookies, and so forth while watching the Biggest Loser. For me that is usually about 8:30-9:00pm after the kids are in bed. It is at this time that I get my desert. I waited this long because I did not want to share. I know what a great example I am to the kids. I will tell you that the watching the Biggest Loser has got me thinking about running a marathon. I know, I AM CRAZY. After watching the show Wednesday night where Dane said he ran a marathon, I thought to myself if an overweight guy like Dane can run one then an overweight guy like me can run one. So I started to look at some training tips and tried to find a marathon close to me that is later in the year and fairly flat (which is hard to do close to the Blue Ridge). Then I was reading on the internet this morning that Dane did not run the full marathon.
So I am thinking now of only running a half marathon this year and then sometime next year run a full marathon. At least I am exercising and hope to lose my 20-30 pounds of extra weight, which should make the Virginia 10 Miler easier this year!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Ryan it's Randall. I enjoyed this entry. I find myself doing something similar to what you describe. And the to be continued episode last week got me so upset i went back to the kitchen for a nice snack.