The Family

The Family

Friday, December 19, 2008

Rhyming words

Dacy called me a work this morning to tell me a funny story about our oldest daughter Quinlan. At Quinny preschool they are always working on rhyming words. So it seems every couple of days that Quin we start asking us if X rhymes with Y. This morning Quin started with the word DUCK and then F*** come out of her mouth. Quin, has far a we know, has never heard that word before. Dacy said that she could not stop laughing that a four year old kid can be so good at rhyming. Dacy has told her that that word is a very very bad word in our house and that she should not use that word again. We did suggest that DUCK rhymes with YUCK.

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Justin said...

That's hilarious. When Ethan was younger, he loved to snack on goldfish, but he instead would say golds***.